Ring Dips

Requirements for all dips: shoulder must dip below the top of the elbow at the bottom of the dip (elbows should be at least at a 90 degree angle); elbows must be fully extended at the top of each dip with rings pulled in close.

Ring Dips

Here are a few tips to master the rings:

  • Work on your ring support every chance you get – the better your support, the easier it will be to get a ring dip
  • Keep the rings close to your body throughout the movement
  • Push your chest forward and elbows back as you lower into the dip

Ring dips are hard! Here are some ways to scale the ring dip to your ability:

If you don’t have rings, or do not feel comfortable with them yet, bench dips are a great place to start. Bench dips provide a stable platform while you are required to push less weight than a full dip. You can bend your knees at a 90 degree angle to use your legs for additional assistance, or keep your legs straight for more of a challenge.

Bench Dips

If you have rings and want to give them a try, you can – even if you can’t do a dip! Our favorite way to scale ring dips is to use bands for assistance.

Band Dips

Here’s a closer look at how to grip the rings with the band.

Dip Grip

After you master the smallest band, you are ready to try the standard ring dip!

Thanks CrossFit Rockwall

CrossFit Commanders Members:


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